Brand Story

Under the curtain of night, the lonely eyes suddenly broke into my sight.
I decided to adopt the weak and helpless doggy and named her ‘Mayer’.
No longer roam, no more hunger nor coldness.
Over the years, I dote on her as she is always by my side.
Never be homeless again with the solid protection from HiDREAM.
Finger lifting to me
Lifetime settling down to her
-- walk her with a leash
-- walk your dog with a leash
by Mayer’s owner - Tangzi


We are all tired of those boring and same pet products in the markets.Met in a pet lover salon and since then we became friends.One day, my friend suggested that why don't we set up a pet product studio and send orders to his father's factory.We were all inspired by this suggestion and we decided to try to integrate the supply chain.We design products that we and our pets love. 

Cause we are all dog – lovers so we would really understand what kind of products that our friends do need and love.


Our products are all made from selected high quality materials. You will find it when you receive it.